Lipozene vs. Hydroxycut


Many people look to weight loss supplements before going forward with a weight loss program. Two of the most popular weight loss products are Lipozene and Hydroxycut. The following information about these products may help you choose the product that is right for you.


There is enormous interest from the public in comparing Lipozene vs. Hydroxycut. The reason for this is quite simple: both these products are well-known as supplements for burning body fat. Anyone who has ever thought about losing a few pounds has most likely heard of these supplements either on television, radio or in advertisements.

Hydroxycut is the original weight loss product that was distributed by Muscle Tech, a company that declared bankruptcy. Iovate then obtained Hydroxycut. The original product contained ephedra and was the most profitable diet pill in North America.

On the other side of the spectrum, Lipozene has received a great deal of exposure due to television commercials and infomercials. Due to this heavy promotion, it is unlikely there is a single person in North America who hasn’t seen at least one of their promotional advertisements.

Hydroxycut: What Is It?

Hydroxycut was first introduced in 2002 and has undergone many variations of the product since that time. The formulas changed frequently, but despite this, there is one fact that remains consistent: this family of fat burning supplements is exceptionally strong and the formulas that do not contain ephedra contain large amounts of caffeine in each serving. While there are a few more ingredients that make up the Hydroxycut formula, caffeine is the core ingredient. For some people, this may lead to jitters and insomnia.

Hydroxycut Side Effects

In addition to the dangers that can result from the consumption of large amounts of caffeine, previous versions of Hydroxycut included ingredients that had the potential to cause liver toxicity. For this reason, the FDA advised consumers to discontinue taking the supplement in 2009. After this warning, the manufacturer completely redesigned the formula after which caffeine was the only ingredient remaining of the original formula. Newer versions contain only rare instances of ulcerative colitis and atrial fibrillation.

Describing Lipozene

Obesity Research Institute, LLC is the manufacturer of Lipozene. Unlike Hydroxycut, Lipozene consists of only one ingredient: glucomannan (konjac root). This ingredient is simply a fiber supplement and works in the same way any other fiber performs. In other words, it makes you feel full yet adds no additional calories. At the same time, it helps reduce blood sugar levels. This thick, sticky fiber can absorb water up to 100 times its weight. This ability allows the substance to absorb water within the digestive tract thus reducing the amount of carbohydrates and cholesterol the body absorbs.

While there is some clinical data that supports the effectiveness of Lipozene, it is certainly not a miracle cure for losing weight. The supplement must be combined with a healthy diet in order to be successful. This product is not a miracle supplement but rather a medicinal agent that has been used in Asian culture for thousands of years.

Lipozene Side Effects

For the most part, glucomannan is a reasonably safe supplement that most people have no problem tolerating. It contains only one ingredient—a fiber source—and no stimulants. There is one problem, however; it can possibly hinder or prevent the body from absorbing some nutrients. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: the consumer needs to consume high-quality multi-vitamins while using Lipozene. It is essential to consume the vitamin dose before taking Lipozene or sometime afterward. Some clinical studies indicate glucomannan pills may become lodged in the esophagus resulting in a blockage. The supplement can be dangerous for consumers who suffer from gastrointestinal pathology. The solution to this potential hazard is to either open the capsules and sprinkle the ingredients on food or make certain to drink eight ounces of water with the supplement.


Both Hydroxycut and Lipozene can help with weight loss, but consumers must understand they cannot work successfully without the addition of a reduction in calorie intake. It is important to review both products prior to use and determine which one will meet your expectations. In both cases, there are good and bad points and side effects, at least for some people. You must keep any health issues you may have in mind and choose accordingly. Most importantly, do not begin any regimen of weight loss without first consulting with your health care professional. Adhere strictly to the manufacturers’ recommended dosage for the individual product.

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